Saturday, 18 February 2017


the weather is unfortunately cooling down and autumn is on its way, which I am a bit sad about but kind of happy about in a way, there is of course things I will miss like swimming and wearing shorts and t-shirts everyday but I am certainly excited for rugging up in my favourite knits and coats, drinking hot drinks by the fire and more lazy days that come from being cooped up inside. 

this week I have had an idea in my head about how this post would look and last night I did some lettering and put together this little masterpiece, and I must say, I am pretty proud of it and it tuned out pretty much hope I hoped for it to! I have seen other bloggers like Jasmine Dowling do similar photos + lettering photos and it has inspired me to try it out for myself and I must say, its quite fun to do! 

the outfit is an ootd from last sunday when the weather was a bit chilly but not cold enough to completely rug up, it consists of some of my 'go to' outfit of black jeans + denim jacket but this time adding a tank and converse to the mix instead of a long sleeve and boots, making it a very nice outfit for the transition of summer to autumn or winter to spring. 

oh and this is Ollie for any new readers - adorable isn't he!? 

brooke x 

target aus denim jacket + jeans / cotton on tank / converse / kmart aus hat

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