Monday, 23 January 2017


well i didn't think it would be too long before I jumped back on the computer and started to choose some pictures for a brand new post.

these holidays have gone by heaps fast, I am heading back to school next Monday and I am not looking forward to year 10 and going back in general, I have been assured I will survive but who knows what's going to happen.
these holidays have been spent relaxing at home, watching lotsa netflix, reading, going swimming, baking, shopping, eating ice cream, taking day trips to nearby towns and beaches + getting a new puppy!

I am a lover of the beach and I was lucky enough to go twice these holidays, it was so lovely, the water was so blue and crystal clear, the weather was perfect and the water was so very refreshing, making for good beach days. I took my gopro with me as I have been really inspired for gopro photography and underwater photography and I think I got some pretty good shots. there were so many pictures to choose from and unfortunately I couldn't put them all on this one post so I have put some on my portfolio if you wish to check that out.

that's enough chat for one post, thanks for all the feedback from my last post and to any fellow australian's, I hope you enjoy the last few days of the school holidays.

B x

ollie's first beach day, he slept the whole time.