my name is Brooke and I'm a fifteen year old lifestyle and fashion blogger from Australia. Utterly Brooke Lea is a place where I share fashion, lifestyle and photography posts allowing me to share my loves and interests.

I love sunsets, the beach, stripes, swimming, home cooked meals, shopping and being happy, baking, photo taking and exploring the world around me.

a few of my favourite things:
hobbies / swimming, golf, reading, baking
food / meatballs, chocolate, avocado, strawberries, pasta, tacos, brownies
loves / my bed, reading, tea, shopping, clothes
shops / cotton on, target aus, k-mart aus, kikki k
reads / wildwood - colin meloy, the intern - gabrielle tozer, frankie magazine

frequently asked questions:
when did you start blogging /
I started blogging in early May 2015 (I was 13) with a blog named Dot & Daisy, after a month or so with that name I decided I really didn't like the name, it wasn't very me and I wanted something more personal and something that would reflect my blog posts, it was then when Utterly Brooke Lea came along.

what platform do you recommend using /
when I first started blogging, I used WordPress but it got harder to use so I decided to give Blogger a go and have used it ever since, I love it, its so easy to use and is really customisable meaning you can make it your own unique blog.

tips for new bloggers /
you are a new blogger, you have looked at so many blogs and they all say the same thing, 'try to be as original as you can, create content that makes you happy' and I completely agree with this advice, I remember when I first started I wanted to do similar posts to other bloggers that I had seen and I wish I didn't because I got caught out and it sucks, you also lose ideas because you are copying people. I would also recommend talking to other bloggers and see if they have any tips because most of us are happy to give advice.

what camera do you use /
for my blog I generally use my Nikon D3200 as for my Instagram I use my iPhone 6s and occasionally my GoPro.
check out my photography on my 'photography' page.

can i collaborate with you /
yes you can! I would love to hear from you! go to my 'contact' page to see how you can contact me.
please, please note, if you are a company I will not promote your products unless I would actually use them if I was to buy them myself, I cannot stress this enough.

don't see your question above, feel free to contact me.

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