Thursday, 25 August 2016



today I am fifteen, fifteen years old (or young), that is seriously crazy!

Today August the 25th is my birthday, it is also 4 months until Christmas but my birthday is more important (well, today anyway!) and I have had such a great day so far, even though I had to go to school *crying emoji*. Tonight I am going out for dinner which should be so much fun!

I didn't really get much as I asked for money so I could save up for something that I would like, but some other things I got were; 2 scarves, a really pretty candle and a crystal hanging decoration. I feel so spoilt and very thankful at the same. 

I decided that I would write this blog post today because I thought that it would be fun to share some of my hopes and goals for this coming year.

to be more creative
to be more original
to learn more skills with photography
to be happy
to make lots of yummy food.. and eat that food
to live in the moment
to be more active
to swim and play golf more

to collaborate with more people
to feel inspired to blog
to make this blog more of my own
to make some awesome content

thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes, I hope 15 will be fun, exciting and awesome, I am excited for all the opportunities that shall come!

until next time - brooke.

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