Saturday, 23 July 2016



Today is a bit of a shorter post but an exciting one because its my BIRTHDAY WISHLIST!! My birthday is in 32 days on August the 25th and I am super excited about it! Its so weird to be saying that August is 8 days away, like where has this year gone? This year I will be turning 15 years old which is crazy to me because I definitely still don't feel 14 but bring on the year of fifteen!

I know that my birthday is over a month away but I like to feel prepared for my birthday by making a wishlist of all the things that would be lovely to receive, but I know I won't be getting everything but its fun making them anyway, this year I made mine on Photoshop! The links to any of the products are in pink below if you wish to view them for yourself.

Lowepro Format 160 Camera Bag // My camera came with a bag but I really don't like it as it isn't very protective and extremely big, so I have researched a lot of camera bag brands and Lowepro seems to be the best one to go with, I really like how it can hold lots yet it is small and very protective.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child // I must find out what happens after Harry Potter and the script book that comes out on July 31st is perfect for that! If I can't go to London to see the play then the script book shall be the next best thing!

A Little Bit Crafty // A Little Bit crafty is a book made by the people that bring you Frankie Magazine, its full of lots of crafty things to do, so fun!

iPhone 6 // Since my other iPhone completely died I have decided to save up my money to buy a new iPhone, I decided on the iPhone 6 with the silver back as I think its really nice.

Converse // Ever since my old converse became too small I have been wanting some more and I think my feet have finally stopped growing so I can get some that will last longer than a season!

The Intern book // I read the first chapter of this at school and I got really into it, it seems like a really good book to read, so that's what shall be done!

Well that's it for this post! I hope you enjoyed this type of post. Have a great week.
until next time - brooke.

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