Sunday, 17 July 2016



Wow, what a week I have had; I went canoeing in a lagoon, rescued a canoe and the paddle which resulted in very wet jeans, socks and gum boots full of water, went mattress shopping, bought a new doona and doona cover, my sister moved into my room, found heaps of inspiration for blogging, I got a double bed, I looked through a lot of photos from when I was younger, I made brownies, relaxed, cleaned like I have never cleaned before, finished the 6th book in the Harry Potter series, tried to curl my hair (which failed btw), took some photos, slept in, had lots of late nights, watched The BFG at the cinema, danced in the rain and went to my grandparents house. Lots of good times and memories were made this week, so thank you school holidays! 

This post is full of more photos from 2 weeks ago I think, when me and my sister went around looking for nice locations for fashion shoots. I believe these turned out really well and I am very proud of how far my photography has come ever since I bought my DSLR camera in November, which is the Nikon d3200 if you were wondering. None of these have been edited either which gives them a little bit of real feeling if you get what I mean. Its one of my favourite things now, to go out and take some shots of nature and other things, it just makes me oh so very happy when I come home to look at the photos and see how good the photos turned out. 

Well enough rambling on from me, I hope you love these photos as much as I do and if you wish to see more of my photography, click the 'photography' tab below my header.
until next time, brooke.

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