Saturday, 3 September 2016



Its been a while, well not really, so much has happened in the past week which I won't go into but I am currently sitting here, with a cold which I have had since Wednesday and I have to say, I hate been sick, you just feel so unproductive and blugh and all you can really do is rest and try to get yourself back to good health.

This post is yet another in my favourite series, The Editorial, today this post is about blossoms, my family currently has two trees full of blossoms at the moment (well technically one is over our neighbors fence but comes into our yard so it still counts!) and they are just so pretty. I like how we have two trees and the blossoms are different colours and different sizes, so cool. 

I have compiled a few of my favourite photos of these blossoms together to bring you this post. I would just like to mention, I don't particularly like editing my pictures unless I really need to, in this case I don't, I just like how the photos you get straight of your camera still have a lot of 'natural beauty' if you will, and I am just liking that!

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Well that's all I have for you today, I really hope you love these photos, its feels right to be posting these just as spring has sprung. I have planned some awesome blogging stuff which will hopefully be up soon. Have a great day / night / afternoon where ever you may be!

talk soon - brooke. 

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