Sunday, 26 June 2016



I am Brooke, a fashion and lifestyle blogger and sometimes I do other things, like today! Its been a while, two weeks seems like quite a long time but it isn't really, not when its almost the end of June! Today I felt like doing something a bit different, a chatty post if you will, where I give you a post on whats been happening with my life, this blog and anything else I feel like saying. Fun? Yeah probably not but hey, someone may like these kinds of posts, I actually quite like reading these types of posts and why don't I include some pictures to make this more interesting? There we go, I got some more people interested - haha.

I am so excited to say that I am meeting up with one of my best friends who is a blogger very soon, I will give you one guess on who it could be, you got it yet!? If not, well looks like you will be in silence for a while. AHH I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Since my last post, a fashion post, I have just had absolutely no inspiration for photo taking and blog posting (is that even a word?) because once I publish a post that I don't like, in this case I wasn't happy with the photos (they definitely could have been taken at a better location instead of against a wall of our house) I just hate my blog and any ideas I have for this little corner of the internet. The title wasn't good but it rhymed so maybe that's why I went with it, I really need help with making titles of my blog posts more exciting.

This month I have been reading some books to get to my small goal of reading 12 books this year and I am happy to say I have read over 12 books so thank you to the Harry Potter series for helping me achieve this goal, mind you I am only on the Half Blood Prince and it has taken me a year to get up to the sixth book - I know, its kinda sad.

Its been quite cold over the last week and I, being the cold person I am, can not seem to warm up! It got to a high of 10 degrees the other day, and it was so cold! The rain was cold and the wind was so icy but why am I complaining? I LOVE winter the most out of all the seasons, why you may ask? Well one it is my birthday and all the other reasons include laziness, wood fires, blankets, flannelette sheets, rain on the roof and hot dinners.

I think its time I change up my blog a bit but being the un-technological person I am, that probably won't happen because, where do I even start? I question my blogging a lot, and just decide its probably safe to stay with the design I have just in case I suddenly completely ruin my blog, which could happen and I don't think I would be happy with that.

Well I believe I am out of things to talk about, I really did think I would go on and on and on because that's what I usually do, but hey. At least its a blog post that I am quite happy with. Oh and did you notice how I put a '01' on the title, well that's because I will most likely do more of these, let me know what you think about my chatty posts.

And now to what I always say at the end of my posts and never actually do, I hope to be back blogging soon and may the inspiration vibes come my way, but they never actually seem to, so that's sad and hence why I really don't give this blog the love it does deserve.

Well if you got to the end of this post, give yourself a pat on the back, I am very proud of you, seriously, I wrote a lot and for you to read my blog means a lot to me. So now you are updated on my little life. I hope you stay a while, dance in the rain, smile and be happy!
until next time, brooke

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