Saturday, 11 June 2016


Jeanswest jumper + shirt (worn underneath) unknown + Target Australia jeans, scarf, boots + K-Mart Australia hat + The Horse watch

We have officially reached the middle of this year, its gone by so fast hasn't it? But as the semester ends, the teachers are giving us lots of assignments and it doesn't allow us time for blogging. Luckily, on this long weekend I have only two subjects of homework so I have time to go out and snap a few pictures, read some books and catch up on some sleep - and I even had time for a run this morning. 

On to this outfit. This post features pretty much all of my new favourite clothing items. I recently got to go on a little shopping trip and I bought a new knit because knits are my new favourite thing this winter. The knit I bought is from Jeanswest and to say I love it would be a huge understatement. It has a stretchy sort of material and so I can put a coat or jacket over it and it will look great. This knit really gives me a new love for the peach colour. 

I am also loving black jeans at the moment, they look so lovely with pretty much anything and they are so essential for me this winter. These boots from Target are my absolute favourite shoes ever and they are oh so comfy! I have been looking for a really nice scarf for a while and when I came across this stripy grey and white one I knew that it would be for me, I just love it! 

This outfit will be worn a lot this winter as I feel that it is a stylish and warm outfit that can be worn with many layers or not. 
I am hoping to get back into blogging soon and giving you some really good posts, I just haven't had much inspiration and when that comes back there will be a lot more posts. 

Have a great long weekend all my Australian friends and if you are from another country, enjoy your weekend! 
until next time, 
xo brooke


  1. Cute outfit! I love all of the peachiness in the photos and how the one black and white one stands out. Hope you had a great weekend!

    Beatrice | Beanau