Monday, 30 May 2016



How are you, it feels like I haven't blogged in weeks, sorry about that, I have been extremely busy and I have been in quite a big blogging stump. But not to worry as on this cold Monday night I have no homework and I thought I would share some fun little snaps with you all. And on that subject of cold, how cold has it been!? I am so excited for winter as I love the cold weather and winter clothes but unfortunately when winter comes, the sunsets start to become just grey clouds which is sad for a sunset lover like me. 

Recently, I have been loving photography and a week ago I got some really cool snaps on a school excursion that I thought I would share. I am really proud of these photos and even though they are pretty basic I think that they show some techniques that I really like. I love the ways the apples look in these photos and the natural light makes some of these photos look edited even though they aren't. 

I hope to do many more photography posts in the future as I am really love to share my photography with others.
Much Love - Brooke x

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