Saturday, 9 July 2016


Target Australia coat, top and jeans + K-Mart Australia shoes + unknown clutch


How have you been? I have been great at the moment, this morning was spent in bed for a very long time, watching YouTube videos and reading my book, fun times! Today is going to be a bit of a lazy relaxing day which is definitely called for. In other news, me and my sister are moving into a room together, after 4 or so years of my own room its going to be quite strange sharing a room and have another person sleeping in my room. Though I have stated to my mum and dad that I don't want to to share a room, I think its going to be kinda fun!

Any-who, to this post, its a kinda silly-non serious post, haha, but to be honest that's who I am. About a month ago, I bought this gorgeous flowy spotty top from target and it was on sale (yass!) for $6, that's a score in my books! I really love how nice the top looks on me but I think its better to be worn with a coat, jacket or scarf just because then it doesn't look bare but besides from that I love this top! As for the jacket, I have been looking for a nice warm grey jacket for along time and when I saw this one (also on sale) I knew that is was perfect for me, even though it was quite pricey (thanks mum for buying it!). The jacket has a kinda felt feel and is perfect to chuck on over a knit or a jumper to keep that extra bit warm in the freezing weather.

You may also be asking why there is 3 locations that built this post, well that's because me and my sister went for a walk to shoot this post and we kept finding nice locations to shoot at so I chose the best pictures from all of the locations to bring you this post. While we were out shooting this post I experimented with my camera and took some pictures that I am very happy about! A post with all those photos will be up soon I hope!

Well, that's it for today, I hope you have a great day!
until next time, brooke

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