Tuesday, 26 January 2016


G'day Mates!

Okay, I must admit something to you guys, I am a HUGE sunset enthusiast! I am not even kidding, whenever it starts to get dark I look out my window or another window in our house and watch the sun go down, and sometimes if its gorgeous I will take a photo of it! Sunsets are just gorgeous so of course I would have to include them in my series, THE EDITORIAL.

I just love sunsets and because I don't wake up to see the sun rise this is the next best thing, better in my opinion! So I have compiled a whole heap of my best sunset photos together to bring you this post in THE EDITORIAL!
You can see The Editorial 01 here and The Editorial 02 here.

On another wonderful note on Thursday I finally after almost 2 years got my braces off and boy do I feel so freeeeee! I will be doing a bit of a post on that later this month / early next month. But on a sad kinda depressing note school goes back next week and there goes my freedom haha!

Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie friends and I hope you enjoy this post.
x B