Friday, 29 January 2016



Can you believe how fast the school holidays went by!? I can't! Unfortunately, I have to go back to school on Monday, much to my dismay. These holidays have been really chilled - we visited family over Christmas, stayed home, went to go see the new Star Wars movie (which btw is ah-mazing!), went swimming, watched movies at home, had a sleepover with my friends, spent lots of money and took lots of photos!

Anyway, today I am going to show you what's in my pencil case for 2016! I think pencil cases are the best part of going back to school - except for seeing your friends of course! I was in need of a new pencil case and when I saw this one from Typo, I knew I had to get it.
So here is what's in my pencil case:

I like to keep a blue, black and red pen with me at all times. I don't really ever use a red pen but I guess its just one of those essential things to have.

Again, lead pencils are essential as I use lead pencils in art and maths because I know if I make a mistake it can be easily erased!

To highlight my many notes and all those important things that teachers want you to highlight.

I actually don't know why I like to keep one in my pencil case as I don't really use it but I guess its one of those things to have.

Because I need to make sure all of my pencils are kept sharp!

For my endless pen mistakes.

+ USB:
I like to save all my school work on my USB just so I know its with me at all times and is safe in y care.

At my school we have to use this particular calculator and I never know when I might need it so I keep it in my pencil case.

Again, this is something I don't need as I just slip all my sheets into my folders but for that rare time that we do need to stick something in our books, I have one to use.

Also something I hardly use as we rarely need to cut anything up but its there in case I do need it.

I use these pencils mainly for art but I like to keep them in my pencil case, it also is handy when the teacher asks you to make things pretty!

So that's what I keep in my pencil case (I also keep a ruler but I must find one that's small enough for this pencil case) for this school year.
Also below is my 'January Favourites ++ Haul' video if you wanna watch it. Its full of my favourite things from this month as well as a bit of a haul because after I got my braces off I went shopping! You can also access the video and my channel here.

Until next time,
B x

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