Monday, 15 February 2016


Brooke Wears // Jay Jays Jumpsuit + Tan Saltwater Sandals + Rubi Shoes Sunnies + Big W Hat
hello, long time no post! I am so, so, so sorry for not posting in almost 3 weeks, it has been way to long like way to long, its just not right! There are a few reasons for my absence, number one and two been school and life has just been hectic but lets be honest that's everyone's excuse for not posting on their blogs. I have just been super busy and because of that I have just become very uninspired for blogging and I actually hate it, like a lot.
ANYWAY enough of me ranting on about my blogging break and to this outfit!
I am just in love with this jumpsuit from Jay Jays, it has the cutest print on it and it is just a very amazing edition to my fast-growing-jumpsuit-collection. When we wondered into Jay Jays I wasn't expecting to get anything but I saw this jumpsuit and convinced my mum to buy it for me while I bought a $5 top - ahahaha! Lets talk about the tassels, oh my gosh they are probably my favourite thing about this jumpsuit, they are so, so pretty as the tie up on the back and the belt on the front. I have paired this jumpsuit up with my tan saltwater sandals which I was extremely lucky to get and my favourite serious looking sunnies from Rubi Shoes, no wonder this post is just photos of me looking way to serious!
Hope you have a fantastic week and I will hopefully be back with another post on the weekend!
x B


  1. If I remember rightly (and I'm pretty sure I do) we had to convince YOU to want to get the jumpsuit honey!!! XX