Sunday, 28 February 2016


hello again!
Its been a hectic and stressful few weeks, hence why there was no post up last week. Year 9 is much harder than year 8, we have homework everyday, projects due and so many assignments to hand up.. but luckily for me, this weekend has been the first time I haven't had any weekend homework - YAY! 
Anyways to this post!! Recently, I have been preparing for winter, which btw is so exciting!! About 2 weeks ago I received a package from Tutu's + Tambourines full of beautiful pieces of clothing and lots of long sleeve tops. I was so excited because most of my winter gear is to small for me so now I have some really nice pieces to style for y'all!
Today I am going to show you the tops that I received and a little review on them. This post is sponsored by Tutu's & Tambourines and all tops shown are available at Target, all prices are correct and all opinions are my own. Hope you enjoy!
This top looks really cool with the print on the front, but to be honest, I don't think I will wear it. I might but I am not sure.
This top has to be one of my favourites! The flower is super cute and it even has little glitter bits in it, as well as that it is super warm and perfect to layer up!
This pink beauty has a really cute design on the front of arrows, printed on with a puff texture. It also has a cute drop hem at the back. I don't really like how see-through it is so you have to wear something underneath it.
4 / Long Sleeve Fox Face Print Top - $6
Ahh! Look how gorgeous this top is!! It is so stylish and super affordable for only $6, yep you heard right $6!! This top looks really nice with a pair of jeans or leggings.
5 / Long Sleeve Fox Line Print Top - $6
This top is simular to the one above. It is super comfy and is a very pretty colour, again this would look super cute with a pair of jeans or leggings!
6 / Long Sleeve 'Shine Bright' Print Top - $6
This white top is so cute!! I really love the design on it and looks really nice layered up with a jacket and some jeans!
To be honest, I don't like this top, I like the colour of the back but I am not a fan of the print.
Again, this isn't a favourite of mine but I don't mind a grey long sleeve so I might wear this I think this is another good long sleeve to pair up with some comfy pants for a relaxing day.
This long sleeve is a really cool colour and I like the geographic designed rock on the front. Super nice for a relaxing day or even an under-layer.
This is a really nice top and would look really nice with a pair of leggings for a relaxing day at home. It has a nice design and it is very good quality material. Again, I am not sure if I will wear this but I believe it would be perfect to relax in.
This last top that I'm showing you is another one of my favourites. It has a very cute print on the front, simular to one of the jumpsuits I have done a post in.
Have a fantastic day,
Much love to you, Brooke x 

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