Sunday, 11 June 2017

B + B MEETUP / 02

last weekend was ah-freaking-mazing!
I was lucky enough to be able to see Bella again from Bella By The Sea, and to say we had a great weekend would be an understatement. a highlight of this trip was being able to see Aladdin the musical together and make lots more memories together. thanks to bella and her family for the fantastic weekend.
below is lots of pictures from last weekend and a bit about what we did. expect more posts from this weekend soon on the blog.

friday –
mum and I adventured off to Bella's house, it was a long drive but totally worth it. when we arrived we talked for a bit before going off on a short walk. that night was pretty relaxing as I hadn't been feeling well but we ended the night with a few rounds of boggle and watching Finding Dory.

saturday -
we woke up excited for the two days ahead. we went off to King Of The Castle cafe where our mums had coffee and we had a nice shortbread biscuit. after that we walked down to do a whole heap of fashion posts! lots of memories where made and chicken crimpies were eaten. after doing two shoots each, we went over to the Botanic Gardens to take some nature photos and some portrait photography. It was fun exploring the gardens and taking heaps of pictures. We also walked over to the waterfront to take some more pictures. we then got picked up and then traveled to Bella's beach house, stopping at some wineries also. Bella and I went down to the vineyards and took some nice pictures with the beautiful autumn vine leaves. that night we had a lovely pasta dish Bella's mum made and watched Close Encounters of The 3rd Kind, a sorta scary but not movie.

sunday -

in the morning Bella and I walked down to the beach and took some pictures at the beach, the sky was blue and the water looked crystal clear and if it wasn't freezing I think we both would have jumped in and took some underwater pics. we then went back to the beach house and packed up to go back to bella's house where we got ready for Melbourne! I hadn't been to Melbourne since 7 years ago so it was so fun to explore Melbourne with mum, bella and her mum. we walked around and hopped on a tram before heading off to a Japanese restaurant for dinner, the place we went to had some delicious food. then, we walked over to Her Majesty's Theatre to go and see Aladdin the musical!! it was spectacular, brilliant and amazing! I don't think you could have taken the smile off my face even if you tried. I think I loved Friend Like Me the most as well as A Whole New World where they made the carpet fly, yes, MADE THE CARPET FLY, I honestly don't know how but it was amazing. the cast were so brilliant and the genie, well he stole the show! if you can go see it, I highly suggest you do.

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