Friday, 25 November 2016


greetings Christmas lovers!

I am not sure if you know already but I LOVE Christmas, like a lot. I bought a Christmas tree for my room, started listening to Christmas music in September, and tomorrow my family is putting up our Christmas tree and decorations. ahh it seriously is the most wonderful time of the year and its only one month away today!

To add to my love and obsession for Christmas, I have decided to do a Christmas series - yay!! I have been planning this series for a few weeks now and I am not sure how often I will post or how many posts will be in this series (I am thinking one every week until Christmas but it depends on how busy I am) but I really hope that you are as excited as I am for this series.

The first post in The Christmas Edit is a DIY gift idea. I actually made these for a Secret Santa this year and the person I gave it to absolutely loved it and so I think this is a very good gift idea and it is super easy to do! Below I will teach you how to make it!

 you will need:

an old container
warm water (the warmer the better)
plain white mug
nail polish
Mod Podge
foam sponge

one / chose your desired nail polish colour. fill your old container with warm water and pour a few drops of nail polish close to the surface of the water.

two / using a skewer, swirl around the nail polish to create a marble effect in the water, you don't have long before the nail polish sets so be fast!

three / dip your mug into the water and swirl around until you feel as though the nail polish has stuck and you have reached a marble effect. if you don't like the water marble effect that it has created, just grab some nail polish remover and rub off the polish.

four / leave to dry for about an hour. while you wait, you could make more and could mix colours like I did below.

five / once your mug has dried, use your foam sponge to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge on top of the nail polish, this will seal the nail polish making sure that it won't come off when you wash the mug. apply 2 - 3 layers for best results.

six / when the final layer is completely dry, I recommend leaving it overnight, wash the mug in warm water, the Mod Podge may come off the top of the mug or the parts of the mug where there wasn't any polish but that is completely fine.

annnnnndd your done! Wrap up in clear cellophane, put some chocolates inside the mug and this gift is ready to go! You may even love the mugs so much that you keep it for yourself which I was certainly tempted to do with the blue mug!

I hope you enjoyed the first post in this series and give this gift idea a go.

until next time - brooke.

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