Saturday, 22 October 2016


what a busy week this week has been, hence why there was no blog post last week but that's okay because here I am with a brand new post! last week I got my hair cut and so now I have just under the shoulder length hair which I am actually quite loving, I didn't at first as it was cut a lot shorter than I originally wanted but that's fine. Not much else has happened really, the week has gone so very fast.

This outfit has become one of my favourites and I just hope the weather will warm up soon so I can wear it more, I hear its meant to come in this coming week so hopefully it stays! I have paired my new dress, thanks Tutu's and Tambourines! with my new denim jacket which I la-la-love as well as my favourite felt hat and boots. This dress is a very simple dress, just grey with pink stitching around the edges, the dress is also a high-low cut dress which I have always wanted. The denim jacket adds some warmth, perfect for this questionable "spring" weather and the hat is just a staple accessory. 

special mention to Bella for taking these fantastic photos for me!

well, that's it for today's post, have a fab weekend.
until next time - brooke.

target australia dress c/o tutus and tambourines + target australia jacket and boots + k-mart australia hat + the horse watch

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