Monday, 3 October 2016

B + B MEETUP / 01

oh my gosh. this weekend has been the most amazing weekend ever, ever, everrr!
After over a year of talking on instaG, skyping and the occasional pen pal letter, I finally got to met one of my best friends - Bella from Bella By The Sea (previously Miss Bella Boo)!! It was so amazing to finally meet in person, it was so crazy when we meet, we were both laughing and I was having a slight panic attack but away from that. 

This post is full of some pics from the meet up as well as a bit about what we did. On the Saturday, we met for the first time in person, we talked for a bit before I showed Bella around my town, we visited a few shops and then came back to my house before heading out to do some fashion posts (which will be up soon), while on the second shoot, I stepped in a huge bull ant nest which I thought didn't have anything in it, the ants must have all come out because then Bella stepped on the nest and she got bitten! That was an experience and don't worry - she is okay! My family then went out for dinner with Bella and her mum.

On the Sunday, we went out to a wetland area near my house and we went on a lovely walk there and our saltwater sandals got put to good use, having to step on flooded boardwalks! We then went back to my house and got ready for more shoots and then we dressed up and did a twinning collab (an outtake and sneak peak is the first pic), we were so happy with all those pictures! We were also exhausted from all the walking we did, for dinner we had some delish home made pizzas!

saltwater twinning!

This weekend was seriously so amazing and we can't wait to see each other again, its amazing how much you can pack into 2 days! Thank you so much to Bella and her mum for coming, we had such a fun time!

Expect to see many more shoots and pictures from this weekend on the
blog and my instagram!

talk soon - brooke.

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