Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Brooke Wears // Target Australia c/o Tutu's and Tambourines Jumpsuit + Target Australia c/o Tutus and Tambourines Denim Jacket + K-Mart Australia Boots and Hat + The Horse Watch + Clutch - Unknown

hola people!

I am back with a new fashion post which as always I am always super excited to share with you guys!  This time with some of my favourite things at the moment including my new felt hat from K-Mart, my wonderful beautiful clutch and some new clothing from Tutus and Tambourines.

I am just loving this outfit at the moment which is perfect for this weird and wacky autumn weather. This jumpsuit is gorgeous and the pattern is so beautiful. As well as the gorgeous design, this jumpsuit is long sleeved which is so perfect as I have never owned one like that before. This denim jacket has a sort of "vintage vibe" to it which I actually quite love. The collar has a kind of fur on it like the inside of the jacket. Thanks so much to Tutus and Tambourines for these pieces!

Lets talk about the hat shall we? Ever since last year I have been looking everywhere for a felt/woolen type of hat and when I went shopping the other day I came across this hat and instantly feel in love with it and you guessed it, I bought it! And it was only fifteen dollars, like say what!

I also filmed my first ever lookbook the other day featuring some outfit inspiration thanks to Tutu's and Tambourines / Target Australia! I am just so happy with how it turned out and I reckon I will do some more in the future. Be sure to check that out via my channel or down below and don't forget to subscribe to see more videos!

That's it from me for today!
Much Love - Brooke x


  1. this has to be one of my most favourite post of yours!! xxxx

  2. This post was amazing! I love your style and the photos and editing in this post was done so well!