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Its been so long but I AM BACK again after yet another blog sleep because I was so uninspired, I lost access to my Instagram account therefore not feeling like I should keep blogging, I wasn't happy with the content I was writing for you (I wrote about 4 posts but didn't post them because I really hated them) and I just wasn't happy with my blog altogether.

All of that changed over the last week and now I am in the mood to blog again - YAY - and I even made a new logo for you guys! What do you think, I love it very much and it displays one of my favourite foods too! I have planned a few fashion posts for you all because I just love taking photos of my outfits and I think I am turning into a bit of a fashion blogger which I am totally okay about!

Anyways, I have completely gone off topic! Today's post is a review on my new pyjamas from KIP & CO!! As I have a lactose intolerance and I couldn't eat chocolate, my parents decided to buy me something else for Easter instead of chocolate, when I saw Kip & Co were having a sale I decided to ask if I could receive them for Easter, my parents said yes and I love them so much!

This design is definitely one of my favourites so I knew I had to have it in either a top or bottom. I think the one thing that really makes this top nice is how comfy the material is, it is super soft unlike other pyjama tops and so when I wear this in bed I feel super comfy & whats better is this would make the ideal 'pyjama day' top because it looks like a top so you could decisive people if you needed to go down the street! The one thing I probably dislike is the how big it is on me because I got a size too big so its sorta like a nightie on me, but I know for next time to buy a size 6 instead of a size 8!
This design can also be bought in pants, shorts, nightie, quilt cover, sheet, pillowcase and cushion.

Again this design was another one of my favourites and I was excited to be able to pattern clash these with the top. All I can say is WOW these pants have the softest most comfiest feeling like I have never had such soft pyjama pants! The pockets on the front of the leg make a cute addition to the pants. The one down point to these pants is how they have the elastic at the top then underneath they have a lace up making it feel a bit awkward if you do wanna tie up the laces, but other than that these pants are so lovely!
This design can also be bought in a top, nightie, pants, pillow, pillowcase, napkins and table cloths.

I hope you enjoyed having a read of what I thought about my new pyjamas and thank you again Mum and Dad for buying me these!

Also as mentioned before I lost all access to my Instagram account @utterlybrookeleablog so I have made a new one where I will be posting from now on, so sorry for the confusion! You can follow my new account at @utterlybrookelea 

Have a lovely Wednesday,
Much Love - Brooke x

This post was not sponsored in anyway by Kip & Co, all opinions are my own.

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