Saturday, 2 April 2016


Brooke Wears // Target Australia Top + Free By Cotton On Pants + K-Mart Australia Shoes

hola friends!
how are you? I feel as though I haven't posted in such a long time, the reason been last week was Easter and I had family around and I never got around to sharing these pictures, woah that was a lot of 'and's in one sentence! But anyway I am back with another fashion post which I am so excited about! This morning I had this idea of adding triangles and dots to the pictures to make them a bit more fun and interesting, I have seen a few bloggers do this to their pictures and it really jazzes the pictures up so I decided to try it.
Back in January, I went on a shopping spree after I got my braces off, which is super crazy because that means I have had my braces off for a bit over 2 months.. like what the heck, that's crazy. While I was on that shopping trip (if you wanna see what else I bought click here) I went to Free By Cotton On and it was my first time actually shopping in store and I was searching through the clearance rack and right before my eyes were these gorgeous pants and they were the last ones in my size (ahhh it was meant to be!) I think I instantly grabbed them off the rack and they were in my hands until I went to buy them! So all in all I think I have a love story with these pants - haha, they are just so perfect!
I paired these gorgeous pants with this grey embroidery top, my bear sweater and my new fantastic + wonderful K-Mart Shoes. I actually love these shoes so much, they are a nice light tan colour which I love, they are fantastic quality and they are super duper comfy!
Well that's it for me, I am off to go plan some more blog posts, design a new blog header and feel happy because its the weekend!
Much love - Brooke xo