Sunday, 15 November 2015


As you may have seen on my instagram a few weeks ago I found out that I had enough money (after quite a few months of saving and doing a gazillion jobs) to buy the camera of my dreams! Its the Nikon D3200 and I bought it in an awesome deal with a camera bag and SD card and it was $499 and normally it is $599! Another post will be up soon with some of my favourite photos that I have taken.
Recently, I have been doing a lot of work on my bedroom and I have finally got it the way I wanted it! I was looking through one of my favourite blogs - Miss Bella Boo (you are probably sick of hearing that name in most of my blog posts, sorry!!) and I saw a post on her bedroom, it was amazing as she had taken photos on different angles. Since I now have a camera I decided to take photos of my room for you!
I hope you love my room as much as I do. Also I am doing a Q + A video (filming next weekend and the post will be up the weekend after that) and I would love some more questions, if you do have a question you can leave the questions in the comment section of this post or find the post on my instagram and comment questions there! Brooke x

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