Sunday, 13 August 2017


life has gotten pretty crazy these last few weeks and its only going to get busier. today I am currently all rugged up in bed with a cold and I thought I haven't done a blog post in a while so what better way to pass time and do a blog post.

I thought it was time for another post taken in june with Bella and as I was looking through the folder of pictures taken then, I realized this is the last post I have to publish so that is a bit sad. this post is a combination of portrait photography taken by bella and some nature photos taken by me and can I just say, I think portrait photography is becoming my new favourite type of photography and these photos are just amazing. just excuse the green glare in my glasses - haha. I learnt a lot about how to take good nature pics while I was with bella and I think its fair to say, my nature pics have come along way! ahh I just love how these photos all turned out!!

that's about it from me today, sorry for this short post but at least there is lots of pretty pictures to look at. hopefully I will be back with another post soon but until then, hope you are doing well and are keen for the warm weather to start soon.

B x


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