Thursday, 20 August 2015


hello, hello!
I am super excited to be bringing you my first cooking tutorial!! The recipe is Lemon Tea Biscuits, which taste amazing! So good that I am eating some as I write this!
Today I have made these 'picture recipe photos' for you all so you can see what each step looks like.
I hope you enjoy!
So for these delicious biscuits you will need:


These biscuits can be plain normal biscuits or lemon biscuits depending on what you like, all you have to do is not add the lemon to make them plain.

On Tuesday its my 14th birthday and I am super, super-duper excited, hopefully I will be doing a birthday haul showing you what I got!
Also, I have created a YouTube Channel (as some of you have emailed me saying you can't see my Vimeo videos), I would absolutely love if you hit the subscribe button. I will be uploading videos such as DIY's, Fashion Videos and hauls! I have uploaded my most popular DIY video, Leaf Mobiles, on my channel. Click here to view my channel.
Much Love - Brooke X.

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