Friday, 11 December 2015



I am beyond excited to be sharing with you the all the new Utterly Brooke Lea! So over the last few weeks I noticed that Word Press was beginning to become harder to use and wasn't been as customizable as I wanted it to be. After a lot of brainstorming if I should keep my Word Press blog or if I should start a new blog on a different platform I decided to switch to Blogger and I LOVE it! Its super customizable and it is fairly easy to use.

I would really like to thank one amazing person in particular, Annabel, who copy and pasted ALL my posts from Word Press to Blogger and did all of my design for me and I just love how it turned out! Seriously its amazing! I would just like to explain why all my posts are posted on Thursday the 10th of December, this is because Blogger wouldn't let me import any of my content.

For anyone who came from my old blog who received posts via email you can now still receive posts just pop your email address in the box beside you. Your email will NOT be shared and I respect your privacy!

Sorry for this long post! I really hope you love my new blog! I am shooting a fashion shoot over the weekend so that will be up as well as a Christmas DIY! And I am on school holidays, ahhh yay! Lots of exciting content coming soon! 
x Brooke